Support for object / user defined types


Working a lot with PL/SQL and planning to move to Git, Gitora looks very promising to me. After I had a look at your webpages, it seems to me, that Gitora does not support object / user defined types. Is that correct and if so, is there any chance that those types will also be supported in future? I am afraid, this would be critical to my company.



Yes, it is true that Gitora doesn’t support object types. The reason we did not support them is that if there are any dependent object to a type, it cannot be replaced with the CREATE OR REPLACE DDL command. This would not be a big deal if the dependency is only between a type and a collection (we could drop both and recreate both automatically) but these types can be used in tables at which point we cannot do anything about them anymore. So unless you use the types you put in Gitora in tables, I think it is technically possible for us to include them in Gitora.

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Yalim K. Gerger


Thank you for your quick reply. We actually have no need for object types in tables, so we could live with that “limitation” very well. Thus, we would be happy if you could implement this feature for us.



We sure can and we will. You can choose to wait until we release a new Gitora version for this feature to be available. I cannot commit to an exact date but I know that our plate is full in March and April with the new version of Formspider (our other product).

Alternatively, you can choose to use our professional support services. This will increase the priority of this feature and we can probably deliver it to you sometime between 9-13 March if not earlier.

Next week we have a Gitora webinar and in the webinar we are going to announce a promotional Gitora professional support rate. We can use this rate to deliver this feature to you if you are interested.

If you are interested in using our professional services please email us at so that I can give you a quote.

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Thank you for your offer, but I believe that we are not yet ready for a professional support service. This is because we still have work to do before we actually can move to Git (workflow will differ, tools, migration of version history). This ways, it comes in handy to have this feature covered outside of a professional support service as this gives us the time to take the final steps to Git. I’d like to take a deeper look on Gitora first, but won’t have time until next week. After that, we will know exactly if Gitora suits our needs (to me, it really sounds like it does). If it will, we might come back to your offer about professional support service. In 2 to 3 weeks, I’ll report back here, to give you feedback if we are still interested (although I believe that the feature in question will be of interest anyways).

In any case, I’ll register for your webinar tomorrow!



No worries. Take your time. Were you able to attend the webinar? If not, I posted the recording to the Gitora blog. I’ll also email the link to the people who registered but were not able to attend soon.

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The webinar was great, thank you. There, you have already answered two of my most critical questions regarding Gitora - it’s been really worth it!