Install Formspider and Gitora on Tomcat 8.0.26


Hi, Gitora Team.
We are on the configuration process of our Development Environment, Formspider with Version Control and Gitora.
The question is:
Is possible to install both, Formspider with Version Control and Gitora on the same Tomcat Server…?
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards.-


Hi Claudio,

There’s nothing wrong in installing Gitora and Formspider middletier components on the same Tomcat server. However, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

  1. If you’re installing Formspider and Gitora on the same database server, Gitora might broke some parts of Formspider due to the fact that they share the same names for public synonyms.
  2. Gitora and Formspider Version Control have to own their own repositories. You have to configure in a way that they shouldn’t share a repository. This may lead to name conflicts.

Best Regards
Serdar Gokcen


Hi Serdar, and thanks for your quick answer.-
Point 2) is not a problem at all, but point 1) means that is not posible to install Formspider Schemma and Gitora Schema in the same database instance…?.
We were trying just to do that, to make versión control over the tools we actually use (TOAD, PL/SQL Developer…), but of course, in the same database instance development where resides Formspider.
If is not posible, can we make a merge between two schemas, data and/or metadata to make this work…?



Hi Claudio,

Installing Gitora and Formspider in the same database is possible. But you have to be a little bit careful.

For example, Gitora comes with its own Formspider runtime. So when you install Gitora, the installer first installs Formspider. At this point, the installer will point your public API synonyms to the Gitora installation. You should revert them back to your original Formspider installation.

There are other things that you have to be careful as well. For example, if you are using Formspider’s version control system in the database as well, accidentally you may put the same database object to two different version control systems at the same time. And that’s probably not something you want to do. :smile:

Technically, there are other options to use Gitora and Formspider together. For example, Gitora can be installed into your current Formspider schema. Both can point to the same Git installation to avoid the caveat I mentioned above. But the Gitora installer is not capable of doing these other setup options.

The instructions we send with the Formspider Upgrade Scripts also explain how to manually install Formspider Version Control. The same principles and steps explained in those instructions apply to manual Gitora installation as well. So you can follow them to customize your Gitora installation.

Kind Regards,