I cannot find db modifications on GitOra

Hello Yalim i hope u r fine. I have a case about GitOra.The case is (as before) i have a DB Oracle XE and a trial v GitOra installed on my PC.We have 3 GitOra users (1 “admin” the first user i’ve crated when i installed GitOra) a second one called “ktsi” (mine user) and a third one called “aroumeli” (my colleague’s user).So when “aroumeli” does a modification (change the return value of a function) the lock becomes green for him and red for my user “ktsi”. And the code is locked that i cannot change it. So far So good. The problem is that GitOra does not show the latest modifications (today’s
changes), but it show us modifications that happened 5 days ago, so the
code (looking it from my IDE SQLDeveloper) is not the same with the
code that GitOra shows (This…, although i had done a commit with the user who did the change) .
Also my colleague “aroumeli” made a brunch 5 days ago i don’t know if this affects an is responsible for the above functionality.
Also when i press from my user “Pull” it cannot find the repository.
What i’ve done wrong?

regards Konstantinos

Hi Konstantinos,

Aroumeli created a new branch in your repository. Your repository (and the code in your schema) is now on this new branch. (See the active branch name in the Gitora App.) Any changes you are making and committing are now being recorded on this new (active) branch. In other words, you have one repository and two branches in the repository. At any point in time, only one of these branches can be active. (the code in the database represents the code in the active branch.)

Regarding nothing to pull from:
You two are working on the same repository. There is no other repository to pull from. Aroumeli should create another repository and work on his repository. Then you can pull from his repository. Make sure that his repository uses a different schema than yours. So for example, if Repo R1 uses Schema1, Repo R2 should use Schema2. Then you can do local pulls from each other.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Hello Yalim,
i tried to do what u have suggested me (to reproduce the problem) by deleting the repository and make a new one. When i do that i get something as it is shown on the picture

as u can see it has kept the previous repository image. I thought before reinstalling GitOra, if i could bypass the reinstallation by deleting and creating a new repository. Is ot something i ve made wrong?

Hi Konstantinos,

It seems that an error occurred during repo deletion process. We will look into that issue in detail here. As a workaround you can try creating repo with a different name.

Kind Regards

Hello Serdar, u see GitOra does not complain during the deletion. As far as i understood the deletion was ok. When i create a new repo then i have the above message (i named the new repository with a different name).

guys i reinstalled GitOra and so far i do not have problem. The problem raised when we crated a branch and something went wrong at that point. I will try to do it again…

It seems that after the re installation, it works ok so if the problem show up again i will let u know… Thanks anyway

Great! Happy to hear that the issue is resolved!