Gitora doesn't track changes to objects that is managing


Hey @yalimgerger / @Serdar,

I’ve started evaluating GITORA on some test DB instances.
I have created a repo and added some soft objects under GITORA control. Later, I connected to the DB and tried changing a procedure that was under GITORA control. I was expecting some error as the system should not allow me to change a DB object managed by gitora unless I execute the api_gitora.login.

What am I missing?



Hi Marcel,

Please make sure that GO_% triggers in your Gitora schema enabled and compiled.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Serdar,

GO_SCHEMA_V_IOT is the only one that’s not compiled. It throws below error on compilation:

What else can I do?


Hi Marcel,

If you have the necessary triggers GO_AC, GO_AD … and they have no errors, and they are enabled, then I don’t see what you can’t control objects in Gitora. All object added into Gitora has to be rejected for modification if you are not logged in.

We need to take a closer look on your environment.

I wil be on a client visit next week until Friday. May be we can arrange a remote session to look together? Please drop me an email with the details on how we should connect.

Kind Regards,



Please contact me anytime on Skype@marcel_ausan


@Serdar any idea when you could have a look at this?