GitOra Configuration on Existing WEB Server


Hi, Gitora Team.
I’ ve some questions about Gitora Installation/Configuration issues.
We need to configure Gitora, but not on a new install tomcat server. We have an existing Tomcat Server. Is there any tutorial about this…? Is this possible, since in the installer i can not see this option.

Moreover, in the formspider installation, version control option is only available with a new tomcat instalation. does this means that we cannot do version control in the Formspider IDE…?.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
Claudio Arriagada.-


Hi Claudio,

Gitora installer currently cannot be used for existing tomcats because Gitora setup requires changes on some files outside of tomcat. However, it is doable of course.

The easiest way is to use installer for a new Tomcat installation then copy the contents of Gitora middletier context folder to your existing connection. After that, you have to make a few configurations changes:

  1. Update the “baseURL” value in T_BDF_SC_SETUP table.
  2. Make sure that your database has necessary ACL rights to access this “baseURL” value.

Because of the same reason above, Formspider has to be configured manually to activate version control components. you can follow this document,, to manually configure Formspider. This document was prepared for Formspider upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8.

Best Regards
Serdar Gokcen