Fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD'


After installation of Gitora, on a Citrix workstation we use in order to be able to work remotely, I have created a repository and I tries to add a bunch of PL/SQL packages.
I get the message:

On branch master
Initial commit
nothing to commit

But the packages do show up in the left-hand tree view…
When expanding the “Recent Activity” region it says "fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD' ".
And in the main “Repository” region it still says “Empty Repository”, looking exactly as before adding any objects.
What can be wrong?

Hi Frederic,

Obviously there is something wrong in your installation. Can you share your log files under Gitora home folder?

Kind Regards

Hi Serdar

Unfortuntely the trial period expired and I started to get this error when peroforming DDL on the database:
ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
ORA-20002: Your trial period has expired. Please purchase a license to continue using Gitora.
ORA-06512: at “GITORA.API_GITORA”, line 12

Since I needed to work on the project, and since I didn’t find any solution to get rid of this error other than dropping the GITORA user, there is no Gitora stuff left.
So, in order to give you the needed log files I had to reinstall Gitora.
But when trying to do that I get the above error during installation (!?)
How can I come around that?

kind regards // Frederic

Hi Frederic,

Please download Gitora installer again and try to install again.

By the way, you can disable Gitora by disabling the triggers in Gitora schema with the prefix “GO_”.

Hi again

Thanks for the tip with the “GO_” triggers :slight_smile:
The new installation succeeded but the original issue remains (as expected).
I’ll email you the logfile (is there anyway to upload it here?)

// Frederic