Error when starting http://[MIDDLE TIER IP ADDRESS]:7997/gitora/main.html?name=Gitora


I am getting an error when going to gitora home page.

ORA-06512 at GITORA.API_DIALOG line 12
ORA-06512 at GITORA.API_DIALOG line 159
ORA-06512 at GITORA.BDF_ENGINE line 217
ORA-06512 at GITORA.BDF_ENGINE line 1782
ORA-06512 at GITORA.BDF_ENGINE line 2157

Please help me out. I have no idea of getting around this issues


Hi Benjee,

Please downlaod the script at this Dropbox link and run it in the schema you installed Gitora to solve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,


That did the trick! Thanks a lot.


Now I am getting invalid username and password. I have been using admin/admin all these while. Can you please help?


I restarted apache and now able to access with admin admin.