Error When Create New Repository

I installed Gitora manually under an oracle linux machine (Redhat 7).

When I try to create a new repository from

I got the following error into catalina.out

2020-01-22 21:46:28,342 WARN [http-bio-8080-exec-1] init
2020-01-22 21:46:33 [INFO ] 0 repositories identified with calculated folder sizes in 1 msecs

and nothing happens into webconsole except an icon orange warning in the top left dialog box.

I entered the follwing infos :
Repository Name : DEMO
Default Schema : HR

HR is the oracle sample schema provided with oracle binaries.

Version of my gitora : 3.1
oracle db version 12.1

Thanks for help

Hi Lazhar,

It seems like something’s not right in your configuration. Would you please share your file?

Kind regards,

Hi Serdar,

Here is the file

git.executable = /home/oracle/Gerger/GitoraServer/Git/bin/git = /home/oracle/Gerger/GitoraServer/repositories/
folder.separator = /
other.separator = \
file.extension = .sql = elevator.js
use.elevation = false
group.repositories.for.users = false


Hi Lazhar,
You should use your own git installation in Linux systems.

To install git you should run “yum install git” in red hat.
It is generally installed under /usr/bin/git. So, update the git.executable file as well.

Then restart the server.

Kind regards,

Thanks, now it works but I got a now a new error :

“HTTP access to the Version Control Server failed, your changes cannot be saved to the Version Control Repository”