Database objects supported

Hi, as you write in Compare Editions page,
Comunity Edition supports :
Manage Packages, Functions, Procedures, Views, Triggers, Synonyms and Object Types in Git

Say me please if you plan to support Tables (Columns), Constraints and Sequences too?

For us in is very important Tables (Columns), Constraints . May be this option is available for over editions?


In our latest webinar, we showed how we manage Tables, constraints, sequences and other database objects that cannot be created using the CREATE OR REPLACE command.

We think Gitora solves 90% of the problem with PL/SQL version control management. The other 10% (i.e. tables etc…) of the problem exists for other programming languages as well. So Gitora brings the PL/SQL developer almost on par with other developers as far as version control is concerned.

I think the 50% manual, 50% automatic solution we presented during the webinar solves most of the use cases. You can watch the webinar at this link: and view the slides at this link:

Hope this helps.

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