After database migration gitora interface is down


Hi Gerger and Team,

Today I recognized that the Gitora interface cannot be accessed. IE is displaying “An error occurred. Please contact your system administrator”

We migrated our database containing the gitora repository to a new host/port a few days ago.
Maybe this is the reason?
Where is the database connection stored, which file do I have to edit?

best regards,


Hi Martin,

Please see the items I stated before at this link, Change gitoraserver without breaking gitora DB insallation. You will find what you need to change to migrate Gitora.

The database connection configuration file is [tomcat]/webapps/gitora/META-INF/context.xml. You can change database connection settings within this file.



Hi Serdar,

Thanks for the response. It helped but it was not the complete solution.
I also found the database-connection-settings in [tomcat]/conf/Catalina/localhost/gitora.xml

Changing both files and restarting the service did it.

Thanks & best regards,